Booking and Cancellation Policy

Please read below regarding booking and cancellation policy and deposits.

At Nourish Holistic Therapy I work hard to ensure the health, safety and satisfaction for all my clients and also strive to accommodate my clients to ensure their bookings can be taken according to their availability. This often means that I have clients awaiting appointments.

The preparation that goes into each appointment, to ensure your safety and comfort is quite extensive and when an appointment is either missed or cancelled without the required 24 hours notice, as a self-employed person, this has an adverse effect on both myself and other clients as it is not usually possible to fill the missed booking at such short notice.

As such it is important for everyone, you, me and all my clients, that we ensure booked appointments are attended as much as possible, However, I do recognise that things can happen and that you may need to cancel or change your appointment, so I have this policy in place to be fair to all my clients myself as missed appointments do have an adverse effect on all of us.

Non refundable deposit:

• To secure an appointment, a Non-Refundable deposit of £15:00 for appointments up to a value of £50:00 or £20:00 for appointments from £50:00 to £70:00 and above, will be required at the time of booking. 

• If the deposit is not received within 24hrs of the enquiry the appointment will be offered as available to other clients. 

• The non refundable deposit is then deducted from the final amount on the day of the appointment. 

• Should you cancel your appointment with less than the required 24hrs notice, or not show for the appointment, the non refundable deposit will be retained and a new non refundable deposit will need to be paid to secure another appointment.

• Should two or more appointments be missed or cancelled without the required 24 hrs notice, further appointments will need to be paid for, in full, at time of booking.

• All payments can be made either by Bank Transfer, PayPal or by card either in person or remotely.

Cancellation of appointment:

• Please give 24 hours’ notice should you wish to cancel an appointment. Giving this notice will enable us to reschedule your appointment to another time and will give other  clients who are awaiting appointments, the option to fill the cancelled slot, this also does not then have an adverse effect on us through not being paid for the time lost through a non-attendance or late cancellation.

I would like to thank you for your understanding and co-operation in keeping my appointment attendance good which allows us to serve you, my clients better and more efficiently.

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