Top Questions

I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. There is a small selection of frequently asked questions here but if you have any others please contact me and I will endeavour to answer them.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

There is nothing you need to prepare for prior to your treatment. All of the needs to give you the best treatment will be discussed and put in place during the consultation

What should I expect from the treatment on the day?

You will be asked to take a comfortable seat while we go through some medical history and discuss your needs for the treatment as well as how the process works. You will be given a towel and instructions on what clothing needs removing and I will leave the room while you do this and return when you say for me to enter. I will, at every point until you find yourself in a state of complete relaxation, tell you what I am about to do to ensure you are comfortable. Following your treatment you will be offered water while we go over aftercare advice and next steps for your health and wellbeing.

How will I feel during and after the treatment?

This depends on the treatment you have but for all treatments you will feel extremely relaxed, you may even fall asleep ! and while talking to me during the treatment is fine you may find you just want to shut your eyes, smell the aromas, listen to the relaxing music and drift away for a while. During the aftercare discussion I will go over the "Contra-actions" with you and these are about how your body may react to your treatment and what to expect when you get home.

Will the massage hurt?

The short answer to this is no. A massage should never "hurt" and in fact is the opposite, it can help to relieve the pain around tense an stiff muscles. Some of the techniques used in some of the deeper massages (like deep tissue) are there to go deeper and be even more effective on particular areas and problems and while they should not "hurt" you will feel a great deal of pressure and can experience what I call the "nice hurty" feeling, you can feel the muscles responding but it feels good. After a deeper massage you can expect to be tender for a few hours but this is a sign it has worked.

What sort of pressure do you use?

The pressure used will be discussed with you prior to treatment and during treatment will be checked with you, all of us are individuals and what is hard or light to one person isn't to another. This is your massage and I want you to have it your way so getting the pressure right is essential. Some people only like light "strokes" while some like hard pressure but I usually start off by gauging your preference in consultation, start off towards the lighter end and build up, checking with you that it is ok as we increase it.

I am nervous about getting undressed what parts of my body will be exposed?

The only parts of your body exposed is the part I am actually massaging. The rest of your body will be covered. Full body treatments include arms, legs, abdomen, back, neck, shoulders and feet and face where specified. No other body parts are touched during massage under any circumstances. You will be left in the room to undress and get on the bed and then left in the room to re-dress following treatment. When you are turned over during a treatment I hold up the towel and turn my head away to retain your privacy.